Guests getting down on the dance floor
Guests getting down on the dance floor

Stages Repertory Theatre Stages Repertory Theatre

George and Kristi Lindahl at HMNS Ars Lyrics celebration, HMNS' gala and Reach for the Stars gala

Phoebe Tudor and Doreen Stoller at ‘Hats’ Hermann Park's luncheon, Christus Foundation luncheon and Children’s Museum luncheon

Asia Society’s annual Tiger Ball Asia Society’s annual Tiger Ball

Brian McCulloch with Carrie and Svarre Brandsberg-Dahl at Louis Vuitton Casa showroom launch and Louis Vuitton's Objets Nomades party

Dean Gladden and Lynn Wyatt at ‘Lover’ Alley Theatre opening night dinners

The Webster launch party, Tiger Ball underwriters’ party and JDRF Lauch Party The Webster launch party, Tiger Ball underwriters’ party and JDRF Lauch Party

Party People

AN INTERVIEW WITH Mimi Sperber, Founding Partner of Off the Wall Gallery

What were your biggest challenges of 2020? Navigating the pandemic while running a business was the challenge of a lifetime. Having to temporarily close doors for several weeks due to Houston's lockdown brought financial uncertainty and difficult decisions. Staffing and budgets were drastically cut, and it was personally hard and emotional at times. While our Main Gallery had to remain closed and unable to generate cash-flow from walk-ins, we built a brand new L'Atelier Gallery inside Galleria One by Prada, replacing our smaller Art Boutique by Neiman Marcus and Chanel. The planning had been in the works for over a year, permits issued, and construction started right when the city closed. The timing was disadvantageous, but we stayed focused and solvent in all of our financial responsibilities, and L'Atelier was finished when Houston reopened.

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DESPITE QUARANTINES, FACE masks and inclement weather, aesthetic medical services are perhaps more popular than ever. In fact, according to reports, the pandemic has caused a boom in demand for plastic surgery, injectables and the like; dermatologists are seeing a record number of patients and mounting waitlists.

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Evelyn's Park streams a one-hour hot pilates class via Facebook Live from 5pm-6pm on Friday

Last week was brutal, Houston. Take this weekend as a chance to recharge with fab food, a livestream workout or some shopping. Here are our picks!

Forget Wine — Attend a Beer & Cheese Pairing

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