Leading a Healthcare Team Through Covid, Avenue 360’s Dr. Flash Is ‘Blessed to Serve People’

Dr. Charlene Flash, President & CEO, Avenue 360 Health & Wellness

WHAT'S THE SECRET to running a successful business in such times as these? The secret to running a successful business during a pandemic is to prioritize people. People are the secret sauce. That includes your team members, frontline employees, clients, patients and the community-at-large. Covid has taught us that, despite advances in technology, without healthy people to do the work or receive the services, a business won’t survive, much less thrive.

What’s unique about your mission? Our mission is to provide high-quality and caring service to promote healthy people and communities — often those left behind in communities of color.

What’s special about your team? The Avenue 360 team includes a diverse, brilliant, hard-working group of people committed to service of the community and each other.

What inspires you as you seek to reach greater heights of success? Each day I am excited to come to work because, for me, this is more than a job. It is my calling. I feel blessed to be able to serve people, make positive change in the community, prioritizing people who might otherwise feel marginalized and helping them be whole.

What have you learned about your business and your community that might inspire others? I have learned how important listening is to ask questions, and then speak. That order is important. I still don’t always get it right but am focused on that. I have also learned that people who care and are on mission will do whatever it takes to make a difference for others. I have watched the selfless work of my team members during the pandemic and am proud of all they do even in the face of their own personal struggles. Not one person has been immune to Covid’s impact, yet somehow this team forges ahead. Their fortitude and passion inspire me daily and makes them easy to lead.

What’s new for 2022 that you’re excited about? 2021 was a year of resiliency in bouncing back from the impact of Covid. 2022 is a year of balancing the scales, focusing on how people can achieve physical, social and mental wellbeing.

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