In Praise of Front Porches

Like long leisurely walks, loving your porch was all the rage back in the spring. Will it return for fall? We hope.

Kelli Durham

For some 42 years, Carol Adatto Nelson and her husband Eric have lived in their wonderfully rambling 1920 Craftsman-style house — the inside walls of which are laden nearly baseboard-to-ceiling with dozens, or hundreds, of family photos dating back generations — in the Winlow Place section of Montrose. Nelson knows almost everybody on the block, maybe everyone for a few blocks in either direction. She adores her home and her neighborhood and could talk for hours about her environs and her neighbors and years of memories in her beloved little corner of the country's fourth-largest city.

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Dad's Home!

A father of four starts fresh — and funky — at the Astoria.

Michael Hunter

Up on the 16th floor of the Astoria, a luxury high-rise building in Uptown, a 3,010-square-foot, four-bedroom condo is a newly single father-of-four's perfect place to start over. Excited to reclaim what he jestingly calls “the bachelor's dream," he quickly enlisted award-winning interior designer Teri Pugh to make his vision come to life.

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Wheel Big Deal! Houston Ceramicist Gets Nod from Etsy, JoJo Fletcher

An exclusive collection touts Box Sparrow Studio’s handmade pieces — and they’re selling fast.

In 2012, Abbie Preston Edmonson, a newly minted art-school graduate, moved from her home state of Georgia to Houston to partner with the local chapter of The Art Project, a nonprofit that channels the power and process of art for healing and empowerment among the homeless. Her stint in Houston was supposed to last one year — but, inspired by how the city embraces creatives, Edmonson stayed, renting a space in the Hardy & Nance studios and working retail to make ends meet.

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