Marie Ekpema, PharmD

Owner, Summerwood Pharmacy and Compounding

Trusted Community Resource and Innovative Pharmacist in Northeast Houston

Tell us about what makes Summerwood Pharmacy & Compounding unique? We focus on empowering patients through education, working with providers to solve complex cases through the art and science of personalized medicine, and guiding patients on the proper combination of nutritional supplements with prescription medications and a variety of disease states. As the only member of the professional compounding centers of America in the area, Summerwood Pharmacy and Compounding offers patients and physicians unique solutions using state of the art equipment. The pharmacy also offers concierge pharmacy services to high-profile Houstonians backed with absolute privacy.

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Megan Underwood, PA-C; Dr. Karan Sra, M.D.; Dr. Audra Clos, M.D.

Why did you choose to become a healthcare professional in Houston? Not only is Houston one of the fastest growing cities, but it’s also home. Born and raised in Houston, I felt there was no better place to establish roots for Bayou City Dermatology, hence the inspiration for our practice name. Houston is full of culture, great food, friendly people, and let’s not forget — we can experience all four seasons in one week!

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Dr. Vanessa Barrow

Specialist in Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery of the Foot and Ankle

(Makeup: Kristin Jones-Coyle of Perfect Pout Houston)

Why did you choose this area of medicine? I wanted to change the face and perception of the specialty. I wanted to make a difference by offering more options to patients that would allow them to live the lifestyle they wanted.

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