Big Game, Big Give, Big Fun!

Follow Michael Phelps, Common and other cool celebs beyond the red carpet, to the VIP center of the CityBook-sponsored Big Game, Big Give bash for Super Bowl 51!

Mike Charlton, Kelli Durham, Jill Lotenberg and Daniel Ortiz
Michael and Nicole Phelps with Mayra Veronica and Jamie Gold

Propose in Style at The Westin Houston Medical Center/Museum District

Photo by Stephen Mendoza Photography

SEEKING TO MAKE your proposal as beautiful and bright as your love? Look no further than The Westin Houston Medical Center, a haven of contemporary sophistication, where love stories unfold amidst exquisite surroundings.

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Amberjack and Foie Gras (photo by Caroline Fontenot)

IT GOES WITHOUT saying that diet is top of mind for many at the start of a new year. While fruits and veggies get lots of chatter for antioxidant benefits, fresh fish is also a major contender for boosting health.

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Sarah Sudhoff (photo by Katy Anderson)

SINCE THE 1970s, Houston’s cultural scene has only grown richer and more diverse thanks to the DIY spirit of its visual artists. As an alternative to the city’s major museums (which are awesome) and commercial galleries (again, awesome), they show their work and the work of their peers in ad-hoc, cooperative, artist-run spaces — spaces that range from the traditional white cube interiors, to private bungalows, to repurposed shipping containers.

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