He May Bare His Fit Bod on Instagram, But Douglas Landaeta Bares His Soul in Our Questionnaire

(photo from @douglaslandaeta_ on Instagram)

VENEZUELA-BORN, HOUSTON-based Douglas Landaeta has amassed more that 10,000 Instagram followers with just a few dozen posts. The page is about his "fitness journey," he says, which translates occasionally to revealing images of pecs and abs and oh my… (If it's about his cardio why are our hearts racing?) But Landaeta is much more than a social media hunk. He's a globetrotting client relationship manager for a big French corporation, a sometime writer, a devoted dog dad and a budding Houston-area real estate tycoon.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? As a kid from a third world country, I already dreamed of living in the big city, either New York or L.A. One of my proudest moments as an adult was to move to L.A. with a gig that allowed me to live comfortably and have a true L.A. life. I also became a writer for a local magazine, which gave me access to red carpet events and celebrities, as well.

Name three things on your bucket list. Buy eight more houses before I turn 40. Have a partner that becomes a husband. Have a child of my own.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? An attorney. But then I realized how much reading I had to do and changed my mind.

If you weren't doing what you currently do for a living, what would you do? My dream was always to travel the world, connect with top executives, and give presentations at big conferences. And that's pretty much what I do. I ended up where I always dreamed of being.

Don't be modest: What's something you love about yourself? How transparent I am. Even though some people take it as me being rude.

What do you appreciate most in others? Honesty about who they really are.

What's something you can't go without for more than a day? Food! I love to eat.

You have an unexpected day off in Houston. How do you spend it? Lying on the couch with my dogs watching TV.

Is there a new restaurant or bar in town you're loving? I pretty much go out to eat for every meal, every day. I would say lately, the mac and cheese at Alice Blue is pretty amazing.

Finish this sentence: Skinny-dipping is… Something I've never done, believe it or not. Shocking, right?

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Tell us about your closet. Something new you love, and also something old? I don't keep old clothes in my closet, so nothing old. Recently, I have been in love with the Nike sweatpants I got a few months ago. They make my legs and butt look good, and they are also comfortable.

Your porn-star name is your favorite thing to cook plus your where you want to go on your next vacation. Go! Don't-Cook Europe.

Your alternate porn-star name — they have those, you know — is your favorite Houston restaurant plus the label on the undies you're wearing right now. Tiny Boxwood Papi.

What would you choose as your last meal? Always a meat lover's pizza with a side of ranch.

The dinner party question: Name three people, from now or any time in history, you'd invite as your perfect guests. The guy who plays Thor — Chris Hemsworth? And the one who plays Superman. Henry Cavill. And my cousin Mareli Luces, who died this year.

What's something about you people would find surprising? My life was not always as perfect as it seems. (Not that it's perfect today but it definitely has improved.) I had a trouble coming out to my biological family. I struggled for about 15 years, and I was taken in by my adoptive family. They gave me the emotional support I needed and continue to do so today. Today I am thankful and happy to have two moms, two dads, six siblings, 10 nephews and a niece.

Name-drop time: Who's the most famous person you've ever met (and how did that happen)? I met a lot of famous people in L.A. The first article I wrote for the magazine was about [actress] Jenni Pulos. We became friends, and meeting her family and being invited to spend holidays and go to school events for her daughters was always amazing. Another one was Taylor Armstrong [of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills]. Her book mademe have a soft spot for her. And, well … I always loved her lips.

Is there a charitable cause you support, and why that one? Last year I hosted a holiday party for Toys for Tots and asked guests to bring toys. I am starting conversations to have a much larger party this year and continue with that. I have a soft spot for children. One of my biggest dreams is to be a father and give a little someone a home to grow up in. So I always seek to help organizations that help little ones in need.

Who would play you in the movie of your life? Ryan Reynolds.

In five words or less, what's your advice for living a happy life? Always be you.

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