Local Cycling Studio Branches Out with New On-Demand Platform

Just in time for its summer fitness challenge, Ryde unveils an alternative way to attain a boutique-studio workout — at home!

Local Cycling Studio Branches Out with New On-Demand Platform

Over the last several years, local cycling studio Ryde has become known for its bi-annual “challenges,” during which clients try to complete as many classes as possible in just 30 days, thereby earning a shot at some pretty incredible prize packages.

This summer, like every other boutique fitness studio in America, Ryde had to reimagine not only what day-to-day operations entail — but also what their hallmark events, like the challenges, and their hard-earned sense of community would look like. Enter the company’s brand-new on-demand platform. “We wanted to make the Ryde experience available to everyone whenever, wherever,” says cofounder Andrew Pappas. “This allows us to support our community regardless of location, and connect with people worldwide.”

The 45-minute on-demand cycling classes are recorded during an actual session then uploaded to the platform, ensuring that clients at home can experience some of the contagious energy that those in-studio emit. And, for the first time, Ryde has expanded beyond the bike, with a new class called Move.

Move is a full-body, beat-based workout incorporating light, medium and heavy weights throughout the 45 minutes. “It’s the perfect complement to [cycling],” says cofounder Ashley Gooch. “Music, motion and movement are at the core of who we are as a brand, so Move allows our community to continue sweating to the beat with the instructors they know and love, but in a new, fresh way.”

A seven-day free trial is available to any user around the world; after a week, pricing is $100 monthly, but that drops to $35 for those who already hold a Ryde Infinite membership.

As for the challenge, this summer’s 25-classes-in-30-days quest begins on Aug. 1, and participants are welcome to complete classes in-studio or at-home — or, for that matter, anywhere! — depending on their comfort level.

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