At Bayou Bend's 'Garden Party' Weekend, Guests Had a Blooming Good Time

Jenny Antill, Daniel Ortiz and Wilson Parish
At Bayou Bend's 'Garden Party' Weekend, Guests Had a Blooming Good Time

Adair Bruggeman, Ashland Odom, Emma Farahani and Elsebeth Kirby at the Garden Party

A THREE-DAY extravaganza at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens truly had something from everyone, from a kid-friendly party to a fashion-forward luncheon and more.

Day One featured the sixth annual Bayou Bend Fashion Show, a lunchtime spectacle coordinated by Marzi Petris. The verdant River Oaks estate was a spectacular setting for an al fresco style show with more than 40 looks pulled from Saks Fifth Avenue. Guests enjoyed a seated lunch capped off with refreshing raspberry sorbet and brown-butter-shortbread cookies.

The next day, Bayou Bend welcomed kiddos and their families to the sprawling property for the Children's Party, with pony rides, arts and crafts and a petting zoo.

And the weekend concluded with the Bayou Bend Garden Party, a stunning affair held in the gardens and an adjacent tent. The Events Company decked the whole thing out with arrangements of Japanese saucier magnolias, garden roses, magenta calla lilies and other beautiful blooms. And City Kitchen catered a delicious meal of sweet-corn gazpacho, pan-seared loin of lamb, and more.

Attendees toasted the organization's director Bonnie Campbell, who recently announced her retirement, and danced the night away to the sounds of the David Careers Band.

In all, the weekend brought in nearly a million dollars for the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens' general operating budget.

Ali Weaver, Anna DeLuca and Laura Lehner at the fashion show

Whitney Radley at the fashion show

August Vega, Christina Bauer, Dino Petris, Adriana Berlanga and Bea Allen at the fashion show

Bailey Dalton-Binion and Nancy Mathe at the fashion show

Veronica Curran and Denise Monteleone at the fashion show

A look from Saks Fifth Avenue

Carmen Jones and Elia Gabbanelli at the fashion show

Dominique Sachse, Lily Schnitzer and Leslie Pitts at the fashion show

Osa and Shatora Uwubanmwen and Michael Angelo at the fashion show

Linda McReynolds, Lynn Wyatt and Mervin Wyatt at the fashion show

Kelli Kickerillo, Chair Martha Long Wade and Amy Purvis at the fashion show

Irma Castor, Verna Ravago, Christina Tran at the fashion show

Janie Zilkha, Margaret Maul-Schwartz and Jordan Gautier at the fashion show

Cathleen Fishel with her kids at the Children's Party

The Rice family at the Children's Party

Elizabeth Pham and her kids at the Children's Party

The Dillard family at the Children's Party

Alex and Betty Crain at the Garden Party

Whitney and Jim Crane at the Garden Party

Decor at the Garden Party

Bonnie Campbell at the Garden Party

Tommy and Terry Smith at the Garden Party

Cynthia Petrello

Keefer and Laura Lehner at the Garden Party

Eric and Claire Anyah at the Garden Party

Jeff and Michelle Foutch with Kent Lucas at the Garden Party

Marty and Kathy Goossen with Laura and Bill Wheless at the Garden Party

Sue and Rusty Burnett at the Garden Party

Sima Ladjevardian at the Garden Party

Nancy and Jim Gordon at the Garden Party

Kenna Ten Have, Kristin Pritchard, Mollie Carpenter and Mollie Landry at the Garden Party

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