Mira Sorvino, Crime-Fighters Unite Against Human Trafficking, Bring in $1M at Glam Downtown Gala

Quy Tran
Mira Sorvino, Crime-Fighters Unite Against Human Trafficking, Bring in $1M at Glam Downtown Gala

Joanne King Herring, Mira Sorvino, Rania Mankarious

NEARLY 400 SUPPORTERS of Crime Stoppers of Houston gathered at the Hilton Americas hotel Downtown for the group's annual fundraising gala, which this year was dubbed "Leading the Way to a Safer Houston."

Chaired by Jennifer and Chris "Kip" Hohan, the evening included remarks by Crime Stoppers board member Lindsay Aronstein and CEO Rania Mankarious. Jennifer returned to the mic to share stories of human-trafficking survivors, all of whom were in attendance, and stood as their testimony was read aloud. They all received a standing ovation for their bravery and boldness.

KHOU anchor Mia Gradney moderated a discussion with actress Mira Sorvino, who recently starred in the hit movie Sound of Freedom. She shared her personal connection to the fight against human trafficking, as well as anecdotes from throughout her career.

Finally, a "paddles up" segment garnered thousands in donations, and galagoer Vanessa Ames was the lucky recipient of two Zadok Jewelers gift cards. In total, the evening, which honored corporate sponsor GOYA Cares, raised more than $1 million for Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Vicki Rizzo, Leisa Holland Nelson

Chuck Ames, Vanessa Ames, Jordan Seff, Jennifer Hohman

Kim Ogg, Brigitte Kalai, Alicia Smith

Tena Faust, Tyson Faust

Jay Zeidman, Anat Zeidman, Matt Mackey, Elizabeth McIngvale, Jonathan Zadok

Recognition of survivors

Omar Khan, Joanne King Herring, Gabby Baptista, Mario Baptista, Maha Khan, Jill Talisman, Anna Reger, John Reger, Charlie Talisman

"Last Paddle Standing" winner Vanessa Ames

Mia Gradney and Mira Sorvino on stage at Crime Stoppers of Houston's gala

Lauren Rhea, Cabell Wood, Kelly Canova, Diana Bridger

John and Cathy Crapitto

Misty Wall, Jenna Rudoff

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