Pop the Tab, Not the Cork: Contactless Cocktails for All This New Year’s Eve

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT the canned cocktail was the drink of the summer, refreshing and easy to sip poolside or during a socially distant backyard barbecue. But don't write them off this winter! New Year's Eve is a perfect excuse to crack one open in lieu of popping the champagne.

RancH2O's four different versions are all made with real liquor, perfectly mixed. The Vodka Soda (with cranberry!) and Gin Fizz are festive and contactless cocktails with individual and disposable packaging. And RancH2O, founded by A&M grad Amelia Lattieri earlier this year, also offers cans of Margarita and Ranch Water to complete any proper Texas celebration.

Meanwhile, Lone River Beverage Company updated the flavor profile of its canned Ranch Water cocktails a few weeks ago, just in time for the cooler weather. The new Spicy Ranch Water comes with a Texas kick of jalapeno, offset by natural lime juice and a hint of organic agave. And the Rio Red Grapefruit version uses a "Texas-size squeeze" of red grapefruits.

Kids’ Meals’ Beth Braniff Harp Leans into Bold Goals for 2022: ‘Imagine the Difference We Can Make’

Beth Braniff Harp, CEO, Kids’ Meals, Inc.

WHAT IS THE secret to running a successful business in times such as these? The secret is flexibility and a positive attitude, and as a leader modeling both of those attributes. A business has to accept the challenge at hand, and enlist the support and guidance of their leadership and staff, while creating a strategic plan to pivot to meet immediate needs. For Kids’ Meals, during the pandemic, the need for our services for food-secure children and their families tripled almost overnight. The challenge before us looked like climbing Mount Everest! We made a decision as an organization not to turn anyone away who applied for services. This meant adapting our model to be “Covid safe,” mobilizing more volunteers to assist when there was not enough staff, strengthening relationships with our social service partners, and literally changing all aspects of food delivery for food-insecure families.

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Carl Hahn, Leisa Holland Nelson Bowman and, Bob Bowman

TWO CAUSES OF utmost importance to Houston were celebrated at a single event: At its annual gala, Virtuosi of Houston, an orchestra comprised of young musicians, honored the city’s healthcare heroes.
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Lisa Malosky, Kaye Lani Rae Rafko-Wilson and Aida Matic

THE 21ST BUTTERFLY Luncheon, benefiting Houston Hospice and its pediatric Butterfly Program, featured a moving testimony by Kaye Lani Rae Rafko-Wilson, a former Miss America and a hospice nurse.

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