This Content Creator and Serial Entrepreneur Actually Doesn’t Have It All Together — and That’s How She Likes It

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AS A SINGLE mom and entrepreneur, Connie Leon has had her fair share of challenges — but her outlook is remarkably positive and refreshingly real. Leon’s consulting company, Creativity Well, helps small businesses and local nonprofits strategize growth and develop content. At the beginning of the pandemic, she started a podcast called 50 First Dates Hou, where she and guests talk about dating in every stage of life. She also launched the Houston Latina Collaborative, formerly known as Houston Latina Bloggers. What began as a way to network with other Latinas has now become the largest and only group of its sort in Houston, with more than 700 current members that include fellow content creators and entrepreneurs, inclusive of men, women and other ethnicities. Kick back with some pozoleand a Mexican beer, and read on to see how this hot mama answered our Q&A!

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I have always wanted to help people. I wanted to be a pediatrician; I don't save lives but I feel that through my work I have helped many in different areas of their lives.

Best way to warm up on a cold winter’s night? Anything cozy and simple, like sitting by a fire with a champurrado!

Where’s the best place to find holiday cheer in Houston? Growing up, we would go to Mexico for Christmas. I have yet to find that true authentic place here in Houston, so my mom's house with my parents and my kids and family is the closest we come to that! My mom's goal to keep us united as a family is what helps bring the holiday spirit.

Name-drop time: Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met (and how did that happen)? Jaime Camil, the novela actor. I interviewed him for a blog post and social media content to promote one of his movies here in the U.S. He's super funny and very handsome, I almost died. I was so nervous my camera spun off the tripod. I was a mess and he was so graceful.

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What would you choose as your last meal? If you know me, you know that I am Mexican to the core, so, tacos. Tacos de suadero en maiz with salsa verde and onions and cilantro or pozole. Warm pozole topped with lettuce, avocado, radishes, onion, lime juice and red chili powder. Any of that with a cold Mexican beer, I'll be set.

Is there a charitable cause you support, and why that one? Houston Area Women's Center. They help women and children of abuse and domestic violence. Every year we donate toys and women's toiletries.

What’s something about you people would find surprising? That I sleep more than eight hours sometimes; that I am total chaos on wheels; and that I truly love doing nothing! It's easy to look at people online or through their social media and think that our lives are perfect, that we have it all together and that nothing is ever wrong, because we post about all the good, happy, yummy and road trips. But we are human; we have all the same ailments. I have kids that run me wild. I live with my mom; I have for the last three years since my divorce. I am typing this in chanclas, pajama pants and a tank at 5pm. My life isn't perfect but I embrace it constantly.

In five words or less, what’s your advice for living a happy life? Focus on the good.

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