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AS A SINGLE mom and entrepreneur, Connie Leon has had her fair share of challenges — but her outlook is remarkably positive and refreshingly real. Leon’s consulting company, Creativity Well, helps small businesses and local nonprofits strategize growth and develop content. At the beginning of the pandemic, she started a podcast called 50 First Dates Hou, where she and guests talk about dating in every stage of life. She also launched the Houston Latina Collaborative, formerly known as Houston Latina Bloggers. What began as a way to network with other Latinas has now become the largest and only group of its sort in Houston, with more than 700 current members that include fellow content creators and entrepreneurs, inclusive of men, women and other ethnicities. Kick back with some pozoleand a Mexican beer, and read on to see how this hot mama answered our Q&A!
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People + Places

FRIENDLY FITNESS TRAINER Jared Jinkerson’s spin classes are in high demand at LifeTime Greenway, where the hottie has gone from teaching one popular class to instructing fulltime. Also a rising-star artist, Jinkerson is lately getting noticed as much for his abstracts as his abs. In our influencer questionnaire, he brushes up on holiday traditions, stripper names and a really good way to get kicked off a movie set!

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Wellness+Giving Back

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JET-SETTING MAN about town Fady Armanious, creative director of Tootsies, is to Houston fashionistas as Santa Claus is to good little girls and boys. He’s the guy with the goods. Apart from his notoriety as confidant and consultant to the city’s most well dressed women — not to mention his own penchant for throwing together a head-turning ensemble for himself — the Egyptian-born longtime Houstonian Armanious is widely beloved for his amiable, approachable disposition and eagerness to give back to charitable causes. Here, he sounds off on the true magic of Christmas — and that day he spent with Queen B!

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