Some Houston Libraries Reopening Today for ‘Express Browsing’

HOUSTON PUBLIC LIBRARIES were closed to visitors for more than a year (although many offered curbside pickup!) thanks to Covid. But starting today, several locations are reopening for "express browsing."

Eleven neighborhood and regional libraries will operate at 50 percent capacity, with no appointments necessary; opening hours are Monday, 12-7pm; Tuesday and Thursday, 12-4pm; Wednesday and Friday 9am-4pm; Saturday, 10am-4pm. Customers are permitted to visit for up to one hour, and can check out materials and use facility computers during that time. There won't be any public seating areas or meeting rooms available, as reading, studying and relaxation are discouraged until a later date.

Temperature checks, face-coverings and physical distancing of at least six feet will be required, and all items returned or handled by patrons will be "quarantined" for 24 hours before redistribution, according to the website. The reopened libraries will also continue to offer the curbside HPL To Go service; appointments can be made online.

Here are the libraries reopening today, and more will be added in the coming weeks:

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