Pretty in Pink: Cancer Cause Benefits at PostScript’s Caviar-Cool Grand Opening Bash

Pretty in Pink: Cancer Cause Benefits at PostScript’s Caviar-Cool Grand Opening Bash

Anna McGrath, Ellie Strehli, Kate Weldon, and Kate Jackson (photo by Alex Montoya)

IT'S ALREADY ONE of Houston’s favorite restaurants, but when very pink PostScript held it’s official, invitation-only grand opening — sharing the occasion with supporters of the American Cancer Society’s Men Wear Pink — some 200 rosy-hued VIPs turned out to mark the moment.

“The crisp summer night set the perfect stage, with a pink Porsche 911 GT3 Ruby Star and Porsche 911 GT3 RS Ultraviolet parked in front of PostScript, creating a popular photo opportunity for attendees,” said a rep for the restaurant. “Adding to the charm, PostScript rolled out a pink carpet leading into the venue.”

In an evening full of fun surprises, guests enjoyed the stylings of live saxophonist Alex Jones as they entered the party. There was also a cigar-rolling station, casino-style gaming in the chic Vesper Room, and free-flowing prosecco — and PostScript’s signature cocktails such as the Take Me to Tootsies were on offers. Some of famous chef Bryan Caswell’s nibbles made the rounds, as in tuna handkerchiefs and shrimp salad spoons.

“The highlight of the private dining experience was Caswell’s signature caviar donut,” noted the rep, “made with a house donut, Hackleback caviar, white chocolate creme fraiche, and blackberries.”

At 8pm, PostScript shifted to a working restaurant, sharing proceeds from the beautiful evening’s dinner till with the American Cancer Society.

“Partnering with American Cancer Society was an easy choice,” said PostScript owner Veeral Rathod. “This event not only brought together our community but also supported a cause that is close to our hearts. It's truly inspiring to see the generosity and enthusiasm of our guests as we work together to make a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer.”

Kristen Cannon, Kristen Collins, Kristina Wilson (photo by Quy Tran)

Chase Letsos,Jaclyn Escareno, Blade Labrada (photo by Quy Tran)

Debbie Elias, Miya Shay (photo by Quy Tran)

Erin Hicks and Bryan Caswell (photo by Quy Tran)

Erin Hicks, Edward Sanchez , Ruchi Mukerjee (photo by Quy Tran)

Irene mavrianos, Veeral Rathod, Victoria Hinojosa (photo by Quy Tran)

Maggie Crymes, Katherine Garcia (photo by Quy Tran)

Mario Gudmundsson and Carrie Brandsberg-Dahl (photo by Quy Tran)

Nicki Ramirez, Irfan Vohra, Aura Ledezma (photo by Quy Tran)

Sarah Wallace, Sarah Savage (photo by Quy Tran)

Tiffany Halik,Krista Shamaly (photo by Quy Tran)

Tom Grace, Jennifer Johnson (photo by Quy Tran)

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