Membership-Based Skin Laundry Alights in Montrose, Offers Laser-Focus Skincare

Membership-Based Skin Laundry Alights in Montrose, Offers Laser-Focus Skincare

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS LIKE massages and meal kits can be convenient and cost-effective — until, perhaps, you suddenly have dozens of them, and they stress you out.

If that stress is wearing on your face, there’s one membership that should remain high on the priority list: Skin Laundry, the California-based beauty company offering high-tech skincare like laser-resurfacing facials, is now open in Montrose. Members pay a monthly fee for one, two or even unlimited treatments.

Consistency is a key ingredient for a healthy complexion, so Skin Laundry’s goal is to reimagine expensive, in-office procedures as something more people could choose to afford on a monthly basis.

To begin, a friendly (and yes, glowing) face greets guests at the casual-cool, airy space inside the burgeoning Montrose Collective. She hands over a quick intake form, plus a headband and face wipe, and then it’s off to a treatment room.

Using medical-grade lasers, a nurse or nurse practitioner administers a customized, pain-free laser treatment to resurface the skin; address concerns (rosacea, acne scars, melasma); and build collagen. The Signature facials reveal a nearly instantaneously more radiant complexion.

The Thermo Fractional facial is a non-laser treatment that stimulates the skin using a combination of motion and heat. A matrix of tiny, heated, titanium points briefly penetrate the skin in short bursts, allowing the skin to absorb twice as much product in the hours that follow. The nurse then offers clinical recs of what to apply — Skin Laundry’s line of serums, ointments and sheet masks are fab — and when, to maximize results.

Most members are in and out in about 20 minutes, and don’t require any downtime after the procedure, which makes the whole “consistency” thing a lot easier to come by. (Prices start at $150 per month; be sure to inquire about exclusive founding-member rates upon registration.)

Membership-based beauty services are growing in popularity. Next door to Skin Laundry will soon be Glosslab, with unlimited manis and pedis, including gel polish and gel removal, for its monthly members. And in the Heights, an Arizona-based concept called Hi, Skin just opened at M-K-T, offering facials, dermaplaning, gua sha and more, also on a monthly basis. A second outpost opens this summer in Uptown Park.

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