Special Advertorial Section: Fall 2023 Philanthropy Report

Special Advertorial Section: Fall 2023 Philanthropy Report

In a smart Q&A format, tell the story of how you adapted to challenges and changes in the last year.

What year was your organization launched? What is your mission? What is your vision? How have you impacted the community? Tell us about your big event. What are you most proud of? How many employees and volunteers work with your organization? What are your major challenges?

• features a photo of your charity at work

• a full page or a two-page spread in CityBook

• will also run as promoted content at HoustonCityBook.com

• posts on CityBook’s Instagram and Facebook feeds

2-PAGE SPREAD, $3,000 | FULL PAGE $1,500

With Expertise in Blondes, Extensions and More, the Janelle Alexis Team Is a Go-To Salon

YOU CAN'T LIMIT Janelle to one title – Hairdresser. Her career and business has been established and built on a strong foundation. Using her two business degrees + one more in-process, this enables Janelle and the team to deliver not only a customer-focused experience, but a foundationally solid business. There is much more than meets the eye, and in sharing a little bit about Janelle, she was not only an international hair extension educator for over 14 years, but brings extensive expertise to blondes. She rounds this out with her previously launched namesake cosmetic line, which is a perfect complement to her belief that “Beauty is our Business”.

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East River 9 and Riverhouse Houston

IMAGINE EVERY RESIDENT being able to get most everything via a 15-minute-or-less walk, in a neighborhood convenient to major employment areas of Houston. That’s the vision for the fast-emerging East End district’s new multiuse development called The Plant/Second Ward, created by Concept Neighborhood, a Houston real estate investment, development and management company. Concept Neighborhood is focused on creating walkable communities combining accessible housing with innovative retail and creative maker space.

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People + Places

A CHANGE OF scenery is good for the soul. And Thompson hotel’s newest location overlooking Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Park has plenty to offer those in need of checking in and chilling out. This is the brand’s fourth luxury boutique Texas property since Hyatt acquired it and expanded its reach.

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