Surprise! Ben Berg’s New Steak and Sushi Spot Now Open in Timbergrove

Kirsten Gilliam
Surprise! Ben Berg’s New Steak and Sushi Spot Now Open in Timbergrove

Sushi Omakasi Platter

THE LATEST IN a series of hot spots from serial restaurateur Ben Berg, Prime 131 may just be his hottest one yet.

We mean that literally: The live-fire steakhouse and sushi restaurant just bowed in a revamped industrial space called The Docks at Timbergrove. Designed to recall New York’s Meatpacking District in the ’90s, the restaurant occupies what was once a factory; an old crane was painted red and hangs from the ceiling, above original polished-concrete floors.

There are four central wood-fire grills, and two Josper charcoal ovens, plus a sushi bar and four Korean-barbecue-style tables.

Stadium-style seating in the main dining room ensures that all patrons are treated to a great view of the grills, chefs, and fellow guests. According to Berg, his OG steakhouse B&B Butchers & Restaurant has an oft-requested table in its main dining room — Table 131.

“This restaurant has been marinating in my mind for a long �me and I’m excited to finally bring it to life,” he said in a statement. “Our first steak-centric concept since the success of B&B Butchers 9 years ago, Prime 131 is a testament to our commitment to providing unforgettable moments and exceptional food for Houstonians.”

It’s the first restaurant opening since Berg onboarded Regional Culinary Director Alisher Yallaev and Executive Pastry Chef Ruchit Harneja. Yallaev says that Prime 131’s menu differs from a traditional steakhouse in the sense that a standard appetizer-entrée-side-dessert order need not apply. “We designed a menu that the entire table can share as it comes off the grill,” he says.

Unique plates include chicken-fried lobster and salt-grilled branzino, plus a mouthwatering selection of USDA Prime cuts, along with American, Australian and Japanese Wagyu “ranging from A5 and Snow Beef to Kobe.” Harneja’s desserts include Skillet Fudge: República del Cacao Mexican chocolate, brown butter ice cream and frosted pecans. Alternatively, roast your own s’mores at your table.

To drink, expect cocktails that also may bring to mind Manhattan in the ’90s: Appletini or Miami Vice, anyone? Plus, the wine list tops 150 labels.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ

Inside Prime 131

Retro Cocktails


Prime 131

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