Thrive & Inspire: ‘I Believe in Having Employees that Are Happy,’ Says Wilvin J. Carter

Thrive & Inspire: ‘I Believe in Having Employees that Are Happy,’ Says Wilvin J. Carter

Wilvin J. Carter, The Law Offices of Wilvin J. Carter P.C.

WHAT'S THE SECRET to running a successful business? I have found that there is no real secret to running a business. I abide by a set of principles that have allowed my business to grow and flourish for the past 15 years. First, I make sure that our team is competent on the laws and the facts surrounding all my clients’ individual cases. Secondly, I am always staying abreast of the public’s temperature as it relates to hot button topics that may affect prospective jurors who will be determining the outcome of my clients’ cases. More importantly, my clients’ feelings and needs are always at the forefront of our legal representation of them. Our clients’ happiness is the most important aspect of my business. My law firm obtains excellent results for our clients and in return, they refer their friends and family to us for legal representation. Client satisfaction is not a secret.

What’s unique about your approach or your mission? My approach to accomplishing my goal is unique because I do not operate my law firm like a traditional law office. I treat my law firm as if it was a business operating in Silicon Valley, Austin, and Seattle. Meaning, my practice functions like a tech company. I believe in having employees that are happy and work in an atmosphere without unnecessary and traditional office stress. We do not wear suits every day. We do not punch a time clock. Our offices are purposely uniquely decorated. Our office and work environment are designed to mimic the atmosphere that you would find in a five-star hotel or nice day spa. By way of example, on Thursdays we have a yoga instructor to come in and guide us through stretching and meditation to relieve stress. My philosophy is simple, we cannot positively represent our clients if our minds and bodies are focused on needless stress and not our clients’ legal needs.

What’s special about your team/colleagues? My entire team truly love their jobs and work lives. They take fighting and winning our clients’ cases very seriously and personally. What’s apparent in the representation of our clients is that we see ourselves, our family members, and our friends in all of our clients’ circumstances and legal matters.

Who or what inspires you as you seek to reach greater heights of success? The life and courtroom triumphs of the late great Johnnie Cochran.

What have you learned about your business and your community that might inspire others? That’s simple. My business has survived and has been successful because of the genuine connection that we have with the community and the issues that plague the community. We treat all our clients like family and that is what matters most. In return, they treat us like family and that makes our representation of them even more meaningful.

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