Cannabis Curious? Get Lifted at this Elaborate Indian Dinner

Cannabis Curious? Get Lifted at this Elaborate Indian Dinner

Bayou City Hemp

UPSCALE MUSAAFER HAS unveiled an upcoming avant-garde dinner in collaboration with local Bayou City Hemp (which recently acquired 8th Wonder Brewery, Distillery, & Cannabis). The exploratory “High Society” dinner, Thursday, Jan. 18, will feature multi-courses of THC-infused dishes alongside infused mocktails and cocktails.

Despite the status quo regarding the legality of cannabis products in Texas being more restricted than other states, Bayou City Hemp assures guests of the “High Society” dinner series will enjoy THC that is legally extracted from hemp that is described as safe to consume. Come ready to relax and stay a while as the dinner features an eight-course meal. Guests are given the choice of a low-dose option and high-dose option, with seatings at 5:30PM and 8:30.

“As a chef who has been cooking with hemp from my earliest culinary days in India, I was thrilled to curate the menu for ‘High Society’' where we’ll be bringing together exceptional Indian cuisine and the transformative world of THC,” said Musaafer executive chef Mayank Istwal. “Our friends at Bayou City Hemp/8th Wonder have been instrumental in collaborating with us to craft an unparalleled dining experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional gastronomy and celebrates the synergy of flavor and cannabis innovation."

Guests will be greeted with a choice of THC seltzer Lil Bit, Wonder Water, HOWDY, or Beach Break as a welcome drink before being seated in the intimate dining space for the authentic Indian meal. Anticipate eye-opening dishes by chef Istwal, which will be paired with drinks created by beverage director Afzal Kaba along with cannabis infused seltzers.

Among the eight courses, you’ll experience unexpected offerings like hemp nihari birria tacos with slow braised pulled goat; Badami short ribs with hemp butter and garlic naan; hemp cookies (foie gras or mushroom, cream cheese, almond sable); mushroom ceviche with coconut, curry leaf, ginger, and crispy corn, and lentil doughnuts enhanced with hemp seed and other savory ingredients. Close with bhang rabri, a combination of hemp streusel with rabdi cremoso, confit apple and chocolate hemp leaf.

“We couldn’t be more excited about welcoming guests to try out some of our products in tandem with Musaafer,” said Ben Meggs, CEO Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder. “It’s high time Texans are able to enjoy the benefits of THC-infused meals and beverages in a safe and elevated environment. This series will be the first of its kind in Houston and it's only fitting that we are the ones to do it.”

Chef Mayank Istwal (photo by Raydon Creative)

Bayou City Hemp's Howdy THC seltzer

The Sheesh Mahal gives a regal feel at Musaafer (photo by Raydon Creative)

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