Adopt this Dog Now! He’s the Cat’s Meow

GUS IS NOT a dog's dog. The 9-year old mixed breed doesn't enjoy the dog park — and actually likes cats! Could this be why his previous owner abandoned him, and he is now available for adoption through Friends for Life?

While Gus is crate-trained and knows many commands, he much prefers binging TV (just maybe not Cruella) to long walks. He would also be very pleased if movie night included French fries — his favorite food.

Gus does suffer from epilepsy and hypothyroidism, but they are both well managed with medication. He would love to find a comfy couch and an owner that understands that he might be closer to a housecat than a dog.

Gus is available for adoption through Friends for Life. Cute-animal-video fans might recall that, in 2019, Friends for Life Animal Rescue went viral online for a video of one of its cats repeatedly letting other cats out of their cages! The org certainly knows something about adorable pets — and wants to help you find your next one (could it be Gus?!) today.

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