Neiman Marcus and Dec My Room Bring Holiday Cheer to Children Spending the Season in the Hospital

This year more than ever before, kids and essential workers who will be spending this season in the hospital deserve an extra dose of holiday cheer.

Neiman Marcus teamed up with Dec My Room to spread a bit of joy last week, inviting Santa himself to hand-deliver cookies to hospital workers at Children's Memorial Hermann on Friday. Additionally, Neiman Marcus filmed Santa reading a special holiday story, which will be available to families to watch in their hospital rooms all month long, and Dec My Room will be distributing gifts to extended-care patients throughout December.

Neiman Marcus' Chris Hendel with Santa

For those who plan on doing their holiday shopping online this year, Neiman Marcus is providing a chance for some bonus festive fun: Santa will be delivering packages via curbside pickup every Saturday through Christmas. And the luxury department store has once again partnered with the SPCA this holiday season, committing to a monetary donation as well as encouraging Houstonians to adopt pets that can be viewed at kiosks around the store.

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