CityBook Fashion Spread: Talented Designer-Stylist-Photographer Puts Avant-Garde Spin on Spring

CityBook Fashion Spread: Talented Designer-Stylist-Photographer Puts Avant-Garde Spin on Spring

Top and skirt, by Michael Kors

WORKING WITH A mix of the season’s hottest runway looks and his own artful and sustainable inventions, a multi-talented maker puts an avant-garde spin on spring.

Photography and styling by René Garza

Makeup by Brandon Lee

Hair by Kali Jefferson

Photography assistance by William Gomez and Maeve Karpov

Models Daphne Shears and Tristan Kennedy

Shot on location at Muse at Museum District

Top, $880, by Sandra Weil at Tootsies; vintage pants, by Vivienne Westwood, customized by Rene Garza.

Skirt, $1,650, by Alexander McQueen at Tootsies; bracelet, by Chanel. On him: jumpsuit, by Chanel.

Dress, by Cesar Galindo at Sloan Hall.

Bodysuit, by Rene Garza.

Coat, by Gucci.

On her: Shirt, $415, by Weisheng at Sloan Hall, and pants, by Rene Garza. On him: Pants, by Rene Garza. Socks and shoes models’ own.

Dress, by Rene Garza.

Pants, by Rene Garza. Socks and shoes model’s own.

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