TWO OF TEXAS' leading lifestyle media companies, both Houston-based, are engaged in a multimillion-dollar legal fight.

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‘Texas’ Takeover

After nearly two decades of out-of-state stewardship, ‘Texas Monthly’ is back in Texas hands. Its new owner, Houston’s Paul Hobby, and new editor, Tim Taliaferro, are quickly finding their grip. By Lisa Holthouse and Jeff Gremillion

Phoebe Rourke
WHEN HOUSTONIAN PAUL HOBBY'S Genesis Park equity firm paid $25 million in October to acquire Texas Monthly from Indianapolis' Emmis Communications, which had owned it for 18 years, the reaction was largely positive. And that was surprising to some, given the increasingly mercurial and justifiably paranoid nature of a print-media industry buffeted by epic downsizing and retrenching. The consensus was that Texas Monthly, which has a circulation of 300,000 and reaches about 2.5 million people a month, damn well should be owned by Texans.
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