Barnstorm Rumbles into MATCH for Two-Week Dance Festival

Chris Becker

BEGINNING JUNE 6, after a two-year break from in-person performances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Dance Source Houston’s annual Barnstorm Dance Festival returns to MATCH. The festival features a diverse lineup of Houston- and Texas-based dance makers with three programs of 19 live performance works, as well as a new dance-on-film program. All four programs will run twice during the two-week festival, and the weekends include post-show artist talks.

Pop-Art Icon Debuts Brilliant New Works at Zadok Jewelers

Chris Becker

“I’VE ALWAYS SEEN a very organic lateral between watchmaking and fine art,” says New York-based contemporary artist Jojo Anavim, who was in Houston last week to unveil a series of paintings commissioned by the venerable Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin.

Young Musicians Shine — and Seize Opportunity — at UH’s Three-Week Texas Music Fest

Chris Becker

FOR THE FIRST time in three years, The Immanuel and Helen Olshan Texas Music Festival (TMF) returns to the UH campus. Founded in 1990, the festival is combination of intensive educational residencies and public performances, where young classically trained musicians have the opportunity to hone their skills and prepare for a career in making music. This year’s showcase kicks off Tuesday, June 7.

Duos, Trios and Teams: Clients Get ‘Personalized, Hands-on Service’ at Perdomo Group

Standing left to right: Meghan Johnson, Jill Knowles, Julianna Lind, Beth Stephan, Marla Reade, Galina Saburov, Lil Newman

Seated left to right: Susan Boylan, Julie Sheets, Kim Perdomo, Kim Zander, Tracy Ackley

HOW DID YOUR team form? After ten years as a realtor for a top firm in Houston, Kim Perdomo established a boutique brokerage in 2011. The team grew organically and joined forces with Compass in 2019.

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THE HOLIDAY ISSUE of Houston CityBook hits this week, with a glam cover highlighting high fashion and stunning jewels.

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Brigitte Kalai, Margaret Alkek Williams, Alicia Smith, David Wuthrich

BASKING IN THE glow of the Astros World Series win just a week before, and even posing for the selfies with the championship trophy, supporters of Crime Stoppers of Houston gathered on the field at Minute Maid Park to raise funds for crime prevention programs and what the organization calls critically needed victim services.

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