Media Personality Zavala Teams with Pioneering Source Vitál Apothecary to Create Unique, Natural Skincare Aid

Bryan Anderson
Media Personality Zavala Teams with Pioneering Source Vitál Apothecary to Create Unique, Natural Skincare Aid

Courtney Zavala with The Courtney Mask

A BEAUTIFUL HOUSTON media personality and one of Houston’s top body care and aromatherapy companies have partnered “to make the everyday skincare routine simpler,” the company says.

Source Vitál Apothecary has introduced the Courtney Mask, teaming with broadcast pro and influencer Courtney Zavala. The mask, says a rep, is “a custom, all-in-one cooling face mask that appeals to all skin types and simplifies your daily skincare routine.”

Source Vitál, in the biz since 1989, was a pioneer of the then-new practice of aromatherapy, helping introduce essential oils into the spa and beauty industry. For her part, Zavala became a fan of the all-natural products and found herself becoming a regular. When the opportunity arose to partner up and create a great new product, the media star, always eager to support and promote Houston-based businesses, leaped at the chance.

“As a businesswoman and mom of two busy boys, the last thing I have time for in the morning or at night is a lengthy skincare routine,” says Zavala. “I wanted to create something that was simple, yet effective, and could apply to women — or men — of all walks of life. The fact that this product is made of a blend of 100 percent natural ingredients is just the cherry on top.”

According to press materials, “the lightweight, multifunctional Courtney Mask features laminaria to restore and soothe skin, niacinamide to retain moisture and minimize pores, antioxidant-rich coffee extracts to promote ageless skin appearance, and other all-natural ingredients suitable for all skin types.” Zavala insists the product is clean, approachable and affordable.

Source Vitál’s Sabrina Colgin and Sophia Peon-Levya worked closely with Zavala throughout an eight-month process to create the mask. “We love collaborating with people passionate about clean beauty with a point of view,” Colgin says. “The Courtney Mask represents the perfect fusion of Source Vital Apothecary’s commitment to natural ingredients and Courtney’s discerning eye for effective, time-efficient skincare. Her input allowed us to delve into fun, natural ingredients we were curious about and inspired us to create the perfect product for people who love makeup, want to nourish their skin and have limited time due to busy lives.”

The Courtney Mask “is perfect as my last step at night,” explains Zavala. “It works while I sleep. My skin wakes up nourished, plump and glowing. I also love this product under my makeup as a primer too.” The product is available in both one- and two-ounce sizes, for $25 and $45.

Courtney Zavala and Product Lead Sophia Peon-Levya

The Courtney Mask

Formulating The Courtney Mask

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