When Juan Jose "JJ" Carrion and Ericka Zuleta decided to launch their gourmet mobile coffee cart Brightside Coffee at the beginning of the year, they had no idea how tricky things were about to get. Carrior is in finance for a major chemical company, and Zuleta's getting an MBA at UH while juggling her own day job in oil and gas project management, so the idea of opening their own biz may taste a little, well, bitter. But despite setbacks, the couple has found bold success, through pop-ups at weekend farmers markets, and through an innovative new big-batch cold-brew delivery service.

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Inside & Out!

Mutual admiration and a shared work ethic brought together a power pair of Houston design hotshots, creating a residential force to be reckoned with.

Jhane Hoang

Little did entrepreneur and interior designer Laura Umansky know that when she tapped Gina Brown to help renovate her Boulevard Oaks home in 2017, she selected someone who would also change the face of her business three years later.

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Home + Real Estate

Make It a Double

These duos, from power couples and tenacious twins to best buddies pairing up to take care of business, are proving the immortal ’80s poet right. Sometimes, it really does take two to make a thing go right! Portraits by Jhane Hoang, Text by Evan W. Black, Select Makeup and Hair Styling by Atelier Isabelle Rose


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