Fabrizio Baranzano Pessano

ORIGINALLY FROM PUNTA del Este, Uruguay, Fabrizio Baranzano Pessano was spending time in Saint Tropez when he met a friend from Houston. He moved here a short time later, after falling in love “with this unique city and its potential."

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"WE'RE CALLING IT the Fauci Effect," says physician Bhavna Lall, describing the surge of incoming medical students since the pandemic began. Just last year, the University of Houston College of Medicine opened its doors, with a unique public-health mission and goal to improve primary care in underserved communities, accepting 30 students in its entering class. Now, with the pandemic showing the critical importance of just such missions and goals, those numbers are on the rise. It's a major accomplishment for the UH system, and part of an ambitious long-term plan to make the university one of the most prestigious in the country.

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