Pod Almighty

As podcasts become mainstream media, a pair of podcast ‘networks’ foster and further the craft in Houston.

Fulton Davenport

Brenda Valdivia collects things. “Comic books, knickknacks, whatever I can get my hands on,” she says. Now, she collects podcasts, too, via the Mocking Bird Network, which she founded in 2016.

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Sitting Pretty

Over decades, Houston has quietly become a major player in the international beauty industry, a city uniquely situated to help new brands go from clever pipedreams to celebrated bestsellers almost overnight. Here’s a peek into the billion-dollar business in our backyard.

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Most know Houston as an oil-and-gas town, but the soil here is also rich in another type of energy. It’s appealed to a broad range of bold entrepreneurs, and it’s helped propel Houston-based brands like Luminess, Drunk Elephant and Chi into household-name status globally.

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West World

The booming state-of-the-art oil fields of West Texas’ Permian Basin are reshaping the energy industry and, some say, changing the global balance of power. Many young Houstonians, facing danger and hardship to make bank, are helping lead the way.

Kyle Mize spends most of his shift watching intently as big lengths of heavy pipe work their way up toward him. Things can go horribly wrong when you’re “80 feet up in the stick,” as they say, at the top of an oil-drilling rig, on the flat and mostly featureless Permian Basin, deep in the heart of West Texas. It’s daunting, dangerous work. He’s careful.

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