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Mutual admiration and a shared work ethic brought together a power pair of Houston design hotshots, creating a residential force to be reckoned with.

Jhane Hoang

Little did entrepreneur and interior designer Laura Umansky know that when she tapped Gina Brown to help renovate her Boulevard Oaks home in 2017, she selected someone who would also change the face of her business three years later.

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Sitting Pretty

Over decades, Houston has quietly become a major player in the international beauty industry, a city uniquely situated to help new brands go from clever pipedreams to celebrated bestsellers almost overnight. Here’s a peek into the billion-dollar business in our backyard.

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Most know Houston as an oil-and-gas town, but the soil here is also rich in another type of energy. It’s appealed to a broad range of bold entrepreneurs, and it’s helped propel Houston-based brands like Luminess, Drunk Elephant and Chi into household-name status globally.

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Beauty Queen

In just four years, Tiffany Masterson’s Houston-based Drunk Elephant skincare line has become a $30 million empire, and neither she nor her burgeoning non-toxic brand is slowing down.

Julie Soefer

Necessity is the mother of invention, and when Houston mom Tiffany Masterson realized her complexion craved something that didn’t exist a few years ago, she created a completely new skin care category known as “non-toxic.” She studied ingredients, dabbled in kitchen concoctions and worked with a chemist to develop Drunk Elephant — so named because elephants in Africa get tipsy on marula fruit, the source of a healing ingredient in her products — without irritants like sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrance.

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