Trees for Houston Puts Down Serious Roots, Toasts New Campus and $485K Till at Annual Ball

Trees for Houston Puts Down Serious Roots, Toasts New Campus and $485K Till at Annual Ball

Helen Winchell, Marti Grizzle, Brittany Franklin, Jensen Wessendorff

HUNDREDS OF TREE-LOVING Houstonians savored and celebrated the good life at the La Dolce Vita-themed, 30th-annual Root Ball benefiting Trees for Houston.

Fittingly taking place at The Forest Club, the party wasn't hindered by a bit of soggy weather arbor enthusiasts know rain contributes to healthy tree growth, after all!). It took inspiration from the Amalfi Coast, from the breezy-chic attire to bites like prosciutto-wrapped melon and drinks such as Aperol spritzes.There was a lot to recognize on this night: It's the organization's first big bash since moving to its sprawling new Kinder Campus and upping its annual tree-planting numbers to 70,000-plus.

After a cocktail hour spent browsing the wine and spirits pull and a raffle courtesy of Zadok Jewelers, guests moved to the clay court, transformed by a yellow-and-white-draped tent and a canopy of native trees. Dinner was an Italian spread of chicken caprese, gnocchi and more, and a moving video presentation and paddles-up fundraiser had gala-goers buzzing with excitement as they moved onto the dance floor. The Grooves Band entertained for the rest of the night, and upon departure, guests grabbed an olive tree to plant at home.

Kristopher and Christiane Stuart, and Carrie and Jerry Alexander

Sarah Dallimore, Roxy Yeoh

Gary and Debra O’Neil

Lindsey Carlson, John O’Rourke

Kara Przypyl McIver, Kristen Kupperman

Janice Gregory and Marc Tausend

Joey and Maddie Cleary

Brad Trentham, Lindsey Long

Ryan Dumais, Vanessa Ingrassia

Al Ortiz, Brian Blowers, Slgi Jolissaint, Rhiannon Lear

Austin Smith, Ashley Smith

Will Maywald, Lauren Lothringer

Pamela and Garrett Lindsey

Meredith Symonds, Tom Flaherty

Cyrus Jaganathan, Teresa Lopez

Katherine Pulse, Cheryl King

Jonathan and Kasey Scullion

Jennifer and Greg Coleman

Margaret McCarthy, Mark Gress

Jessie and Gloria Bounds

Katie and Tim Yurick

Katelyn and Trevor McIntosh

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