Arts of Healing Taps Surgeons, Researchers to Model in Tootsies Style Show

Jacob Power
Arts of Healing Taps Surgeons, Researchers to Model in Tootsies Style Show

Emily Peterson

THE ARTS OF Healing organization has grown tremendously over the past few years, and this spring, Tootsies hosted a crowd of 300-plus for a charitable style show featuring 20 influential physicians and medical professionals.

The models were selected not only for their contributions in their field, but also for the ways in which they connect with their community. The beautiful ladies strutting their stuff included surgeons Tamara Saunders, Christy Moeller, Victoria Chang, Kelly Bree, Mara Antonoff, Kristy Hamilton, Sanaz Harirchian and Abigail Rodriguez; cardiologists Tim Pham and Brit Owen; anethesiologists Emily Peterson and Tiffany Su; family medicine practitioners Gabrielle Lyon and Monica Kalra; healthcare strategists Paola Alvarez-Malo and Alex Colver Brock; gastroenterologist Chami Amaratungee; gynecologic oncologist Anne Busisiwe Alaniz; researcher Livia Schiavinato Eberlin; and philanthropist and CEO Jessica Hatch Farrokhza.

Tootsies’ creative director Fady Armanious hand selected outfits for each of the models, and the crowd applauded and cheered them on as they took to the catwalk.

“Through medicine, art, creativity and community, we impact physicians’ and patients’ lives,” said Arts of Healing executive director Kristen Collins, who coordinates other events including a fall art show and gala, and a summer art camp for pediatric cancer patients. “We specifically design outlets and events for creativity and connection for the physicians, as well as patients.”

Alexis Rosales, Nadia Hafeez, Jasmine Gallo

Whitney Lawson, Carson Brown, Casey Adams

Brittany Chamber, Amber Shelvin, Lisa Joubert

Tina Maddox and Rebecca Zhou

Amy and Christen Springs

Mandy Breckbill and Rachele Goetz

Danielle Antosh, Katie Bolt

Lauren Haire, Jen Grigsby

Christy Moeller

Kristy Hamilton

Kristen Collins and Fady Armanious

Jessica Hatch Farrokhza and Brookelyn Barton Avila

Monica Patel, Brittany Owen, Shaden Khalaf

Tamara Saunders

Tiffany Su

Isaac and Lori Raijman

Jacy Cooper, Ashlee Rubbo

Ede Booth, Laurie Dykoski, Tammy Saunders, Brittany Allen

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