Memorial City's new Cowboy Surfer bar

There are only a few places where ranch life and beach life intersect, and the Texas Gulf Coast is one of them. In the 1960s, "cowboy surfer culture" briefly took hold here (and in Southern California, Oregon and the Florida panhandle). Now, a new bar in Memorial City seeks to celebrate the bygone lifestyle, with live music and comfort food — and themed drinks, naturally.

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Technicolor Nights

The best new players in the Downtown-bar melting pot are kitschy-cool, tiki-terrific and a wheel good time.

Daniel Ortiz and Shannon O’Hara

I’m on fire … My emotions run so deep … You vowed to love me … Is that the vow you keep … go the emo lyrics of the obscure ’80s freestyle hit “Silent Morning,” by Cuban-American singer Noel, as a normally vinegar-and-water mix of gothed-out hipsters and men in business suits girate to the swarm of staccato synths hailing down from the ceiling-mounted speakers of Etro Lounge’s new Downtown digs (114 S. Main St.). 

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A Night's Tale

Houston’s pub-and-club scene has a red-hot summer of music, mixology and more on tap. Here’s where the cool kids will be picking up and getting down.

Bar None

The undisputed king of cocktails, Bobby Heugel once again earns his crown. He and Peter Jahnke have opened Tongue-Cut Sparrow. The intimate second- lounge, inspired by the duo’s travels across Asia, is accessible via an entrance in back of Heugel’s Pastry War bar on Main, and ofers 20 cocktails served in frozen glassware. Accommodating just 25 people, the space is focused on high-end hospitality, a la hot towels upon arrival and gratis bar snacks. And any day now, Heugel and Oxheart’s Justin Yu open their highly anticipated Better Luck Tomorrow in the Heights, with décor inspired by the Menil’s colorful Dan Flavin light installation.

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