Art in the Park (photo by J. Vance)

TO QUOTE SPACE City Weather, “It’s Houston, it’s humid, it’s Houmidity!” and outdoors this weekend is going to be intense, but also beautiful, so long as you wear your sunscreen and stay hydrated. With that in mind, Discovery Green has some fun, family-friendly, and mostly free activities on tap for Saturday, June 17, from low-impact meditative exercise for the grown-ups, to hands-on art making for the kids. Here’s what’s happening:

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Rendering courtesy of RYDE

EXACTLY EIGHT YEARS ago, friends and business partners Ashley Gooch and Andrew Pappas were putting the finishing touches on their brand-new cycling studio, RYDE, in the River Oaks Shopping Center on West Gray. Back then, Houston's boutique-fitness scene was just heating up, but the duo was certain they were on to something.

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Rock Stars

With massive new facilities opening this summer, H-Town’s rock-climbing craze reaches new heights. On belay!

Traci Ling
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Rami Najjar, 25, hangs suspended from an arched climbing wall in West Houston’s Texas Rock Gym — Houston’s original climbing facility — as he considers how to maneuver his body to continue his ascent up the colorfully speckled, climbing-hold-dotted precipice. His mid-climb respite is short, however, and he quickly maneuvers his body with his characteristic arachnid equipoise and finishes his ascent with ease. It’s no surprise that the young climber, who will complete his master’s in nutrition at UH in May before heading off to Atlanta to start work on his Ph.D., is considered one of the city’s strongest climbers.

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