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Houston is a city of wildcatters, of men and women who for decades have found fame and fortune by discovering something new, by building something of their own, by invention and reinvention. Houston is a city where dreamers can become leaders, and leaders can become legends, and the cost of admission is often little more than a good idea and some elbow grease. Who you know never hurts, but what you do matters more. With that in mind, we introduce a new portrait series, honoring those bright stars and established icons, in fields as diverse as the arts and medical science.

HCB L & L Portraits 20185519

BUSINESS Leader Tiffany Masterson Legend Janet Gurwitch “It wasn’t three years ago that I was like, ‘I wonder if Janet will take my phone call,’” recalls Tiffany Masterson (left), a mom of four who debuted her nontoxic skincare line Drunk Elephant in 2013. Janet Gurwitch (right), who launched Laura Mercier cosmetics and has since invested in several other beauty brands — Tacha, Drybar, Dollar Shave Club — with partners at a private-equity firm, smiles. “I did,” she says. The relationship between the pair, each with her own city-chic haircut and impossibly luminous skin, is a hybrid of mentor-mentee and friends. As Masterson’s biz continues to grow into an all-encompassing lifestyle brand, the jetsetting Gurwitch — who “lives in Houston, but lives on United Airlines” — says the key is an “unwavering belief in herself and in her brand.”

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